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Nelliyampathy - ATTRACTIONS


Parambikulam has one of the attractive wild life sanctuaries in Kerala which restores your faith in preserving the rarest wild animals. Lion Tailed macaque, Leopard, Bear, Elephant, Nilgiri Langur, Bonnet macaque, Nilgiri Tahr, Civet, Wild boar and Spotted Deer are some of the inhabitants of this area. Parambikulam which is spread over 391 square kilometers is aligned with reservoirs and dams, and also serves as an area for Teak plantations. Another highlight of tour Package in Parambikulam is Tiger Reserve. The tourists from various places exclusively coming to Parambikulam only to watch the Tiger reserve and Sanctuary, which is under consideration by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee for selection as a World Heritage Site.



Mayiladumpara is located 25km south of Palakkad, known for abundant Peacock sightings, making its name almost perfect that translated into meaning "the rock in which peacock danced” in local language Malayalam. You can watch and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of dancing wild peacocks live and enjoy the nelliyampathy jeep trekking too.The Choolanoor Peacock Sanctuary situated at this place is the natural habitat of beautiful majestic peacocks that are facing extinction. Peacocks in South India have the most colourful and radiant quills. People from tribal colonies inside the reserve are engaged as guides for treks and safaris, by providing better travel and tour experience, providing good tour packages of employment through various eco- tourism initiatives. Various training programs are initiated by nelliyampathy toursguides for the awareness of places among tourists.

Meenvallam Falls

To experience the view of a natural water fall and taking a dip in it, you can consider visiting Meenvallam falls which falls step by step from a height of 5 to 45 metres. The place has the most fascinating view of the nature and can be considered as a relief from your busy schedules. More than 10 water falls are there in Meenvallam out of which only 2 are open to public for sightseeing.Best time to visit Meenvallam is just after rainy season.

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Silent Valley

Silent Valley can be considered as the treasure house of many rare flora and fauna and is among the most ecologically diverse areas in this planet. There is a river called Kunti that flows through this national park This tropical rain forest is famous for sighting the almost extinct Lion Tailed macaque. Silent Valley is preserved well by the authorities and it remains as one of the magical gifts of nature.



A popular picnic spot among locals as well as tourists, Padagiri is believed to be the tallest peak of Nelliyampathy Hills. Fondly referred to as Nellikota, it stands at an altitude of 1500 m above the sea level. The most striking feature of the peak is the gorgeous teak plantation. It is said to be one of the tallest peak of the Nelliyampathy Hills and is a very popular picnic destination of this area bounded with lovely teak plantations.


The view point lies 4 km from Pulayampara jeep stand. Need to take 4 wheeler jeep drive.1 km from the jeep stand on the seethergund road. Excellent View Point. We can see the abandoned tea estate dwellings as it had converted to sanctuary. this road goes further up to mattumala view point then to Karasoori view point. The wind is so treacherous and hits against so hard. Need at least an hour to sink into the beauty of nature.